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Hiring a wedding planner for your wedding might sound fancy, but do you really need one?

With the wedding date in hand your mind sinks in to the dilemma on whether you need to hire a wedding planner or not. If so then here are some useful tips to stir clear the confusion.

When it comes to wedding, be it the bride or the parents, you want the best of everything. Every one of us has a vision of our dream day which is picture perfect. We get inspired by the details from all around us. It could be from your friend’s gorgeous wedding you had attended, or all the fun and frolic you had at your cousin’s wedding, or from those magazine worthy pictures from Pinterest, Instagram and what not! You too deserve the best, you shouldn’t you!

When vouching for the best, you need to first figure out what’s the best options available and how much it is going to cost you. What if some things exceed your expected budget? Even though your friend suggested to hire a wedding planner to ensure a relaxed wedding, you would rather choose to do the planning and vendor management all by yourself, because your relative told that hiring a wedding planner would be expensive. With the mounting pressure of creating the perfect day a within a specific budget, with little or no time in-hand, you begin to stress-out and you tend to end up in a distressed mode thinking about your own wedding.

Here is a kind reminder for you- Relax…it’s the most important day in your life. Not just for you, but for all your loved ones. So why all this chaos ? Aren’t weddings supposed to be fun and enjoyable experience for you and for all your dear ones?

When do I need a wedding planner?

Many couple and their families doesn’t realize the fact that having an outside, additional help can save them both time, aggravation and even money. To decide on whether you need a wedding planner or not, we have prepared a checklist below..

1. You have the perfect picture of your wedding in your mind and have perfect plan laid out to make it work.

2. You have enough time to plan, research, coordinate and execute the whole wedding?

3. You have enough experience and market knowledge to source the best and affordable for you dream day?

4. You can coordinate that army of vendors you would be dealing from venue manger to caterer, Printer to entertainment provider, florists to travel agent, and is sure of the quality of their output

5. Your idea of the wedding is on the same plane as that of your parents or in-laws.

6. You are having a destination wedding, and you are confident of pulling it off in style.

7. You have guests traveling from all over the world, and you have their logistics and accommodation sorted.

8. You have your close aid to count on, who is capable enough to look over and sort any last minute hiccups or unforeseen events.

If you said ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’ to the above scenarios, then you are already on the lookout for a wedding planner.

How can a Wedding planner help me?

1. Experience matters!

Wedding planners have professional experience in weaving the perfect day. They can help you with all aspects of wedding planning from setting realistic and pocket friendly budgets to putting forth a real time blueprint of how the wedding would progress. From invitations to favours, flowers to music playlist, photography to catering, wedding planners help you to keep your ceremony organized seamlessly and keeping you at ease

2. Eye for perfection !

Wedding planners always have an eye for details and perfection, because it is just not another event for them. A professional planner stays focussed on one project and will fight for realising your vision of your unique day, unlike many vendors who tackle more than one wedding a day.

3. Time is precious

Meeting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, making decisions to retaining vital elements without exceeding budget etc. are time consuming and difficult tasks to tackle. So leave it to the safe hands of our professional planner. They know your precious time, your budget and hence can lookout for the ideal resources and suppliers in the best possible way for you so that you don’t have to hunt them down.

4. They know what is best for you

Thanks to their expertise and connections, which enable them to capture your vision, providing feasible ideas and doing the difficult task of keeping within the budget. They know which supplier is best for your need and hence offer you the best options to make your wedding flawless that is in perfect harmony with your taste, style.

5. They are your super heroes

Planning a wedding a continuous and tedious process of managing and solving all kind of hurdles. They can foresee an unexpected problem and can tackle it without the world knowing it. They will be your go to person for honest advice and full-time assistance. Willingly they will be with you to guide and support you to make the whole process seemingly effortless and sail smoothly.

6. Every Guest counts

When the Bride and Groom have their picture perfect day, the experience of the invited guest is also on top priority. As far as the guests are concerned, they enjoy the moment when their needs are attended-to with care. The needs of the elderly, to the youngsters, to the tiny tots are poles apart. A skilled wedding planner can ensure that each one them have great experience. From choosing the best entertainment for the little ones, to providing smooth floor for the elders to move around and ensuring that each guest get the wedding favours, a good planner will do everything in their power to make it special and memorable day for each one of them.

7. Assured results

A dedicated professional planner will always strive to meet and exceed your expectations to weave the ideas of you’re the day you had always dreamed of. They have an eye for the smallest details that would make your day picture perfect. Having a passionate wedding planner by your side is blessing, so that you can be rest assured to have a stress free day and enjoy your moment to the fullest.

The walk down the aisle is really a longer journey than expected. And on that day when you know that you have that someone who knows what’s in your brain, and can read it from the blink of your eyes, then you just need to breath, relax and just walk down the aisle with that beautiful smile. Like a trusted friend, your wedding planner helps you to unravel not just your own priorities, but the priorities of hosting a wedding that is flawless, seamless, fun-filled and magical as you had dreamed of.

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