Wedding Planning

Visualizing your Wedding to the Finest Details…We work with you to visualize all the details of your dream wedding down to the very last second, which we religiously follow throughout the entire planning process. A map charted with timelines and checklists to put our skill and expertise to its best use, so that your big day of love and commitment doesn’t leave you in a web of confusion and despair. So count on us to deliver your Happy Ending!!!

Premium wedding stage decor
Event Design

The Personalized Touch, the Secret Recipe…The personalized touch is the secret to any wedding that distinguishes itself as one that’s truly unique. We weave your dreams and ideas into stunning design that finds its way into every aspect of the wedding. Right from the theme, helping it flow into the invitations and décor, down to the very last folds of the table linen, you can be rest assured that your day would be exactly the way you dreamed it to be… A wedding, that’s yours truly!

Event Decor

Bringing Beauty and Elegance to Life…An eye for detail, a touch of flair, an ear for music, a passion for planning; these are all but a few tools of our trade. Tools, we have spent years perfecting to fine tune the art of wedding planning. Seamlessly bringing together style, creativity,
charm and elegance, we ensure that your wedding experience is one, that’s truly spellbinding.

Tiara Event decor
Traditional percussion

The Symphony behind Successful Events…The truth behind wedding lives in the understanding, that it is an occasion for great celebration;
celebrations of happiness, relationships and new-found joy. The journey from a good wedding to an absolutely amazing one is
often decided by having the right wedding entertainment to engage the audience. Our specialists do real wonders in creating the right entertainment spread for your needs. A spread that makes your big day, larger than life!


Memories, Memories… Where a wedding Lasts Forever…Wishtree provides a refreshing approach to wedding coverage with a 360 degree approach in integrating element of photography, videography and a digital presence to coordinate all your wedding communications. Our behind the
scene professionals are experts at capturing those wondrous moments of your wedding day that you wish to forever cherish…

wedding logistics

Reducing your Effort, Maximizing your Pleasure…To ensure you are relaxed and supported from start to end on your wedding day our team caters to all your travel and hospitality concerns, from managing complex technical logistics to securing your guest’s accommodation, we have our sources at your service.

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